Sunday, June 22, 2014

woman on top!!!

my meekness is not weakness it only means my strength is under control...
photo: deposit photos

i am a woman .
fearfully and wonderfully made
unique in my calling
a help perfectly meet for my husband
i have a role, a pivotal role to play in this world
and it begins in my home.

i am a woman
i have great strength and influence
wrapped up in my meekness
 influencing strong leadership
through gentle followership

i am  a woman
a God lover, made in His image and likeness
made not from dust, but beautifully refined from the rib of my man

i complement my husband in ways no one else can
i am not afraid to step back and let him be the man,
i enjoy his attention and protection

i am a woman
not afraid to be his reflection,
to reflect his glory as he reflects God's
 not weak
not inferior

i am a woman
feminine not feminist and am i glad
not afraid to be who i am
woman not ashamed to be so created
not ashamed to be soft, emotional, and expressive
not ashamed to shed an open tear or two

i am a woman
not ashamed to be who i am
soft gentle and tender
a lover a nurturer a helper

i am a woman
a wonderful example to my daughter
a great model for the next generationbirthing and bringing forth offsprings
into their purpose and destinies

i am loving
i am gentle
i am tender
i am kind
i am bold
i am confident
i am strong
i am complete
i am a woman

.....inspired by michelle mckinney hammond's the power of being a woman!