Friday, December 5, 2014

The Sacrifice of praise?...Really? 2!

Hey People, welcome again, talking about the sacrifice of praise still, so here’s what I found out.
To get the full gist of what I’m sharing, please read my earlier post. Just click on this link right here!
The fact is that praise should be our culture (according to my sister 3JI) indeed our consistent way of life, it is neither a reward given to God for his goodness and kind acts, nor a “sacrifice” in the self denial sense of the word when things are not working out the way we want them to, rather it should be our reality in good or in bad.
 Now you may be thinking there’s nothing different from what we’ve heard all along and let me be quick to say that the truth is that it encompasses both of this thoughts, but the answer or revelation for me lies in the intended meaning of the word “sacrifice”. The sacrifice of praise is primarily for the mercies of redemption. According to Rosenmuller ( Alte u. neue Moergenland, in loc) the Jews had a species of offerings which they called peace or friendship offerings. These were designed not to produce peace or friendship with God, but to preserve it. Burnt offerings, sin offerings and trespass offerings were designed to remove transgression.  But in the peace offering s the offerer was regarded as one who stood in the relation of a friend with God and the offering was a sign of thankful acknowledgement for favors received. …or as a means to continue themselves in the friendship and favor of God (Lev 7: 11-12)(Barnes Bible commentary)
Basically according to Barnes in his commentary,  Back in the day, along with the peace offerings and the sin offerings there was also an offering set aside which was called the praise offering otherwise known as thanksgiving offerings (2ch 29:31, peace offerings (2Ch 33:16))in which unlike the sin  offering which were being offered for the removal or forgiveness of offence,  was offered to acknowledge celebrate and be grateful for the relationship which the almighty God , had graciously allowed his children to have with him. It was a constant and consistent offering which they had to fulfill just as they were obliged to fulfill the other offerings. It is safe to say therefore, that the phrase sacrifice of praise simply can be rendered as “offering of praise” or “praise offering”.  
So in our day,  our sacrifice of praise should mean a constant and consistent offering / expression with words or otherwise, of gratitude and thanks giving for the salvation Christ wrought for us, which has placed us in a place of right standing with our heavenly father (Col 1:12). It should be in my opinion a non negotiable aspect of our lives which should be unshakeable regardless of circumstance. (God help us!)
 This sacrifice/offering is that which according to Jewish tradition had come to abolish and replace all other types of sacrifices, first after the Davidic order and then after our lord Christ the messiah. This was the apostle (the writer of Hebrews) way of declaring or proclaiming that this was the season of the messiah- that Christ Jesus IS the messiah So I guess the issue here simply lies in the use of the word sacrifice: - apply a substitution and use offering of praise instead, and we see that it takes a whole new meaning at least an all encompassing one. With this few points of mine I hope I have convinced and not confused you…. Lol! Drop your comments below please!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The sacrifice of praise?...really?

Hello everyone, welcome.

 Hebrews 13:15 says, "Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise--the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.
say what????.... i mean like seriously? is that possible? does that make sense? These are the questions that pop into my head each time i come across these scripture or hear someone quote it. i have heard some explanation of this scripture still these two words "sacrifice" and "praise" placed side by side like that get me thinking... how does one give a sacrifice of praise? I and am sure a lot of other Christians too think of sacrifice as offering something at great cost to ourselves, giving something at a very inconvenient time. like for example if i had just enough money to feed myself and i saw someone in need and had to give up that money for their feeding or any thing else,that would be a sacrifice. while the word praise would mean to say something good about some one so help me out here, how do these two go together? why would the bible ask and expect us to put these two together? well i have done a little study and  i think i have found an explanation but i would like to hear from you,so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section,and ill be back to share mine (what i found). tata!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

woman on top!!!

my meekness is not weakness it only means my strength is under control...
photo: deposit photos

i am a woman .
fearfully and wonderfully made
unique in my calling
a help perfectly meet for my husband
i have a role, a pivotal role to play in this world
and it begins in my home.

i am a woman
i have great strength and influence
wrapped up in my meekness
 influencing strong leadership
through gentle followership

i am  a woman
a God lover, made in His image and likeness
made not from dust, but beautifully refined from the rib of my man

i complement my husband in ways no one else can
i am not afraid to step back and let him be the man,
i enjoy his attention and protection

i am a woman
not afraid to be his reflection,
to reflect his glory as he reflects God's
 not weak
not inferior

i am a woman
feminine not feminist and am i glad
not afraid to be who i am
woman not ashamed to be so created
not ashamed to be soft, emotional, and expressive
not ashamed to shed an open tear or two

i am a woman
not ashamed to be who i am
soft gentle and tender
a lover a nurturer a helper

i am a woman
a wonderful example to my daughter
a great model for the next generationbirthing and bringing forth offsprings
into their purpose and destinies

i am loving
i am gentle
i am tender
i am kind
i am bold
i am confident
i am strong
i am complete
i am a woman

.....inspired by michelle mckinney hammond's the power of being a woman!