Monday, January 14, 2013

Bible in 90 days day 3 -Joseph Joseph!

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Reading through the life of Joseph in the bible makes for quite an interesting read, the story flows so easily you almost want it to keep going as you go through the chapters no wonder Preachers have a field day drawing sermons and messages from these pages... its amazing and it just brings to bear the wisdom of God in all things, especially in bringing His plans for our lives to pass. you know you have a vision, or you have a word of where you are headed but life's circumstances seem like they are taking you in the opposite direction while in reality they are actually leading you to your place of destiny, wow! Joseph's brothers thought they would get rid of him and be done with the pestering little dreamer, little did they know that they actually gave him the first step towards the achievements of those dreams, there was no way it would have come to pass if he had remained in his doting father's bosom, now he got to the land of his slavery and rather than be allowed to enjoy his life of servitude quietly and humbly, Nooooo Potiphar's wife had to take a fancy to him. but then again she was another Pawn in this chess game, she was to be used to get him to go to prison, yeah okay so while there he comes across the two members of Pharaoh's staff did them favors(okay so maybe only one looked like a favor, after all the other had his head taken off!) but was forgotten by the one who could have helped him get out of prison, but it was only for a while he the cup bearer was yet another pawn in the game, and the fact that he forgot to mention Joseph immediately was just that it was not the right time for that pawn to be moved. i say that because if he had done anything at that time the best that could have happened probably was to have Joseph reinstated as Chief servant in Potiphar's household or maybe get him a higher servants position in Pharaoh's palace. but Nope that was not the plan so he needed to forget about him until the time was right. and hmm when the time came, of course remembrance came. it kind of reminds me how i came to meet with my husband of 10 years now, suddenly in my life it seemed like all hell had broken loose i had no job, no money i was kicked out of where i lived, and there seemed to be no place to turn to i was totally down but then if all of that had not taken place i would not have been where i was at the time i saw a job advertisement that gave me the job i was working at and if i was not there i would not have been behind the desk i was when a young man who had just been employed himself  walked in and....... 11 years later, here i am... if we all take a look into our lives we would find that they are full of such stories of things taking a sudden turn for the worse only to turn out that it was for our ultimate good! and you know the best part of Joseph's story is it also was for the good of these brothers who meant him so much harm. they better have been glad he didn't bear any grudges(well that's a matter for another post)!!!!

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