Thursday, March 1, 2012

Explore my love

                                    Weighed beneath 
                 my hopes and dreams
my soul aches
 my heart longs
 my eyes fill even to their brims

tears of a life that may never be
of a love that may never be fulfilled 
flow freely, cascading down the hill
 for laughters unlaughed, tears uncried, 
a romance only in the clouds, yet untried…

I stretch, my hand extends:
Wishing, Hoping, Longing, no it can't end,
 perhaps… there is still hope,  
just maybe it still may be..

the fields open to our love anew
worlds waiting to be explored
memories to be created, 
history to be documented …
our very own, of me and you!…

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get ready!

Take a look around you... again... listen... carefully, what do you see? what do you hear?... tales and scenes of lawlessness, riots, killings, bombings etc. governments are failing, security agents can’t even secure themselves, a son plots the death of his mother, to get his hands on her dollars, those who should be providing protection are being accused of killing and maiming the very ones they should be protecting, hmm, I wonder, I ponder what is going on? What’s happening? What is this country in fact what is the world coming to? I have the answer… yes I do… this world as we know it, is staging events which must take place before the end comes…. (How do I know?)  The bible tells us! It says in the book of Mathew 24 that when we start to hear of such things then we should know that the stage is being set it’s not the end yet, but a sign that the end is coming. However the real question is are you ready? For every individual irrespective of whether the whole world ends now or stops now, the end is at the point when you stop breathing. So again I ask are you ready?  Well you might be thinking…here they come again, how many times and for how long have we been hearing this? But again the bible tells us in 2 Peter 3 that we should not think that the Lord is slow in doing what he says, but that He wants ALL to repent He doesn’t want anyone to be lost. So we should be people living holy lives and devoted to God. Isn’t it a glory? There is still hope for you. The fact is that the government and their agencies are unable to provide the people with safety or security. Yet things are only going to get worse. However the truth is that the only safety guaranteed is that which is found in God, and this can only be obtained through His son Jesus Christ. My dear friend, there is no time for calculations, this may even be your last opportunity, (for all you know a bomb could go off right where you are now) so hurry, don’t delay, accept Jesus as your Lord and savior today. Ask him to bring you into his secret place and you can be sure that your after now, will be spent with him, and not burning up in the fires of hell. Hurry don’t delay do it now.