Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Faith!!! (Heb 13:7)

My conviction that God exists
He is the creator and ruler of all things
He is the provider and bestower of eternal salvation through Christ
I trust in God –ABSOLUTELY
I have confidence in God-ABSOLUTELY
I believe in his power
I believe in His wisdom- He knows what He is doing
I believe in His goodness-  no matter what I am going through it does not change God; He is still God
My person; who I am comes from and depends on God
My future personality leans on God in absolute trust, and confidence in His power wisdom and goodness- He can make me what He wants me to be
Such is my faith!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Free Option!!!

The free Option!!!
Weve heard the quote- ‘its better to give than to receive? well I say ‘ its better to buy than to receive. Hey it’s my own opinion. I just have this conviction (personal I must stress) that I would rather love to afford a car, House, or whatever I want than to have them given me as a gift. I believe it is a higher blessing, to buy than to receive…
Reading through Genesis 23, thats the account of how Abraham insisted on buying Sarahs burial place from the Hittites rather than to receive it as a gift (even though it was offered), made me think more about it. The same principle applies to King Davids sacrificing at the threshing floor of Araunah (2Sam 24). David also would not take the property for free, the relationships between the people involved not withstanding-
 (Abraham was apparently close pals with the Hittites- and what’s a gift from one friend to another? Especially in the face of such loss as Abraham had just suffered-,
David was KING, so it would have been a mere matter of formality to have collected the property for free- this would have even been an honour and privilege for the owner, to be of service to the king.
But with Abraham- for posterity, and David- for reverence of God, neither took the free option… Think about it! But again it’s just my opinion (and it doesnt mean I dont accept gifts lol)