Friday, January 28, 2011

Stamp it on!

Question: What do you do with prophetic words that are proclaimed over your life?...I say Stamp it on! Take a cue from a man named David in 2 Samuel 7: 18- 29, after he had just received prophetic words concerning what the Lord had in store for his destiny from the mouth of Nathan the prophet, the Bible says David went in and Sat before the Lord and began to speak. He prayed, appreciating the Lord for seeing him even in his nothingness and desiring to do such great things for him. He accepted the prophecies and began to thank the Lord for their fulfillment... wao! its just like writing and sending in an acceptance letter to one form of proposal or the other either a contract offer, admission letter or whatever, you write in, thanking them for choosing you, accept the offer and thank them for the 'undone' business  right? ... so the next time someone ... anyone speaks a prophetic word over you... Stamp it on!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

V-ladies Welcome!

Hello Virtuos ladies,
i am excited to welcome you all to this New year. and at the same time welcome you to my blog. i pray that we will all find some form of support or the other as we reach out to one another in love. last year we started this book club , and we were able to have one glorious meeting. it is my believe that this year will bring us into God's purpose for us as individuals and as a bookclub. the initial concept behind Vladies book club is to help provide support for the christian woman as well as others in various ways. spiritually financially, socially, and so on.and this has not changed. it is our way of providing a network of like minded individuals who can be our needed shoulders at our various times of need. join me as we make amazing discoveries in books ranging from the Bible, to a whole lot of others please invite your friends also to join us. (ok so am a new blogger .. so give me time)